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Your wedding day is a very solemn occasion, when you recite your vows before God and the community of faith, you are entering into a covenant of love not only with each other but also with Jesus Christ and your Church Community. You are proclaiming publicly that He will be the Lord of your life together and His love will be the model of your own love for one another.

There is a procedure to be followed, which this portion of the website will outline. We ask you to read this carefully, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask them. May your wedding at The Cathedral of SS. Peter & Paul be one of the happiest and most beautiful memories of your life.

Rev. Msgr. Anthony Mancini
Cathedral Rector

I am happy that you are considering or have chosen The Cathedral of SS. Peter & Paul for your wedding. I hope that our beautiful Cathedral will provide a holy and meaningful  setting for the sacred ceremony of your Marriage. 
Dear Engaged Couple: